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Kirk M. Maxey was born in Kanab, Utah.  One of five children born to parents who were both employed by the National Park Service, he spent his childhood in a number of different parks including Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone.

Dr. Maxey trained first as an organic chemist at Colorado State University, and then as a medical doctor at the University of Michigan.  He is best known as the founder of Cayman Chemical Company.  He is a recognized expert in the chemistry and pharmacology of prostaglandins.  His interests include paleoanthropology, climate, evolutions, creative writing, assisted reproduction, astrobiology and physics.

He identifies with Native American ancestry originating in Oklahoma, and his hobbies include raising and breeding the spotted horses typical of the Nez Perce.  He also raises varieties of native corn with names such as Glass Gem and Cat’s Eye.  He is the author of a number of research articles and a book of short stories.

2 Responses to About

  1. Ma Luo says:

    Please email me a copy of your publication: K.M. Maxey, K-R. Maddipati, J. Birkmeier, “Interference in Enzyme Immunoassays.” Journal of Clinical Immunoassay. (1992) 15:116-120. We are using your kits for estrogen and progesterone assays and would like to figure out the interferences. Thanks

    Ma Luo

    • kirkmike157 says:

      In the good old days, I would have snail mailed you a copy of the paper with a nice front-piece from the publisher. In the new era, I guess I could e-mail you a copy as you’ve suggested. But in the Open Access days of the future, I should simply post the full article here, on my blog, and you and the entire world can have access to it simultaneously. Good luck with your steroid measurements!

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